Welcome to Davinium: Bespoke Lightsabers for the Chosen Few

At Davinium, we craft lightsabers with unmatched precision and artistry. Our work is offered exclusively to those who understand the true value of these elegant weapons.

To ignite the spark of your own lightsaber journey, reach out to us for an application. Become part of a select clientele and experience the power of bespoke lightsabers like never before. Your destiny awaits.

our available services

MB Sabers Metal Master: Luxury Graflex Chassis

While the MB Sabers chassis is a DIY kit, its assembly demands a high level of expertise. With thousands of hours dedicated to perfecting building this kit, we proudly offer unmatched, premium build services


handmade crystal reveals

Elevate your lightsaber with our exclusive handmade crystal chamber installation service, available for all sabers. We curate a luxury experience focused on quality and communication tailored to your unique project, ensuring a luxurious outcome

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The Treasury

Between commissions, we craft avant-garde projects as a way to try new techniques and refine our skills. These creations are exceedingly rare, so we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Join our newsletter to receive priority notifications.

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  • How can I secure a commission?

To secure an exclusive commission, we invite you to connect with us directly. Our client selection is a meticulous process, considering references, experience, and the perfect alignment of vision and luxury

  • What happened to the crimson class saber lineup ?

  • Our crimson class lineup was an overwhelming success, but there is currently no plan to continue production. Our goal is to subvert the dominant paradigm, focusing on a personalized experience with each saber built.
  • What happened to the mystery saber lineup?

  • Being a passion project, mystery sabers demanded great focus and dedication. Instead of drawing time and resources from our other services, we decided to close bookings for mystery sabers. In their stead, we have introduced THE TREASURY, a collection of lightsabers built from avant-garde concepts and sold as ready-to-ship builds.
  • Moon Tier Mystery Sabers will be available as Ready-To-Ship Moon Tier Sabers.


Took a chance on a mystery saber and couldn't be happier. Great communication from start to finish. Response to any questions are timely and always courteous. If you are looking for a custom, one of a kind look no further!

Robert Provensal

Long story short, one of the best installs Ive ever been a part of. Will's level of communication and professionalism was amazing, and no matter what worry or silly question I had for him, he ALWAYS answered, and usually within a few hours at most. I never was left wondering or worried. The finished product is amazing, and even though I was expecting a LONG wait until I got it back, it was done remarkably fast, quicker than I even would have hoped for best case scenario. I honestly can not recommend Davinium strongly enough. Just a remarkable business ethic and talent. 10/10 for my rating. Just awesome!

Jamie Lovinger

When looking for custom work you want to ensure that you are purchasing quality parts and that those creating your vision keep you an active part of the process. I had a great experience with my custom order and was blown away by the product when it arrived. Phenomenal customer service, great communication, and amazing craftsmanship.

Justin Kitts