Mystery Saber: Rose Gold Tier

Mystery Saber: Rose Gold Tier

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This is not just a lightsaber. This is a bespoke masterpiece tailored specifically to you: your style, your intrigue, your flare. Commissioning a Rose Gold Tier Mystery Saber is not just purchasing a product, it's embarking on a journey of creation. We work with you to craft perfection, nothing less. 

Rose Gold Tier Mystery Sabers are a step up from Gold Tier Mystery Sabers. The crystal chamber is more intricate and developed, and can feature additions such as spinning chambers, dual chambers, modular chambers, OLED with custom animations, and more. 

We will discuss specific electronics and configuration specifications alongside your personal recommendations to ensure your saber is powered with the best tech. 

 Rose Gold Tier also includes our Kyber Collection:

  • certificate of authenticity 
  • artist's proof-of-concept drawing
  • numbered, copper plaque
  • challenge coin
  • custom blade plug
  • customized waterproof carrying case
  • serialized acrylic plaque
  • custom acrylic display stand
    This tier is a new branch of Gold Tier to incorporate various modifications requested to commissioned Gold Tier sabers. The photo chosen is of a custom Wraith chassis, as it encapsulates the higher level of detail required for the Rose Gold Tier.


    We don’t give estimates on our lead times. Each project is unique, and it is impossible to confine our bespoke builds to a timeline. We could give you an arbitrary number on how long your build might take, but to us that feels like we’re giving up. Instead, we communicate one-on-one regarding your project, answering questions and providing updates at a moment’s notice. We do live-streams twice weekly, and have a Facebook group dedicated to posting updates and catering to our clientele in a community environment.


    NOTE: Shipping costs for orders with a Mystery Saber are a deposit, and NOT the final shipping cost. The final cost will be calculated upon completion of the saber, as the cost will vary by size, weight, tier, and value. 
    Due to shipping costs, we do not supply blades. Check out our recommendation! 

    This is a made-to-order commissioned product and cannot be refunded after ordered.